Vegetables to Grow in Autumn

Vegetable gardens can grow many types of produce late into the season if you know what to plant and when. Many vegetables can yield multiple harvests with the final harvest in autumn. Vegetables that can withstand cool nighttime temperatures are ideal to grow in autumn; many vegetables that are grown in early spring can also be grown in autumn.

Leaf Vegetables

Choose from a large variety of leafy vegetables including spinach, cabbage and lettuce. Start these indoors and move the sprouts to permanent locations to save up to six weeks off the harvest time. Starting these indoors will ensure they make it to harvest before the first hard frost. If the frost comes early, cover the plants with plastic overnight, but be sure to remove the plastic in the morning as temperatures begin to climb rapidly.

Root Vegetables

Pick one or more of the many root vegetables that can be grown in autumn including radishes, turnips and carrots. These vegetables can be planted and harvested many times during the season; one final crop can be planted in early autumn and be harvested by the end of November. Put these in a sunny location to take advantage of the sunlight because the days are getting shorter faster.

Bulb Vegetables

Bulb vegetables can be an assortment of onion, garlic or rutabaga. This includes shallots and scallions.

Early Autumn Vegetables

Cauliflower, mustard, broccoli, celery, kale and peas can be grown in autumn but must be started in August or early September to reach harvest before the first hard frost. Keep these in partly shaded areas.

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