Fresh Flowers Ideas

Fresh cut flowers brighten a room and your spirits. Your cut flowers can come from a florist or from your own garden, but you always want to create something striking with them. Placing your fresh flower arrangements in locations not always associated with bouquets, using a variety of vases or containers, and adding objects to your arrangements to create interest are ways to turn a simple bunch of flowers into an unusual display.

Fresh Flower Vases and Containers

There is a wide array of vase shapes and sizes to select from to create a dazzling display of your fresh flowers. Bud vases; tall cylinder vases; shallow, broad vases; even cube-shaped vases display your flowers to their best advantage. But do not limit yourself to traditional vases. Any type of container that can hold water can be utilized as a vase for fresh flowers. Look around your kitchen, and you will find pitchers, glasses, canisters, sugar and cream bowls, or coffee mugs that can be transformed into flower vases. You can also place a container filled with water and your fresh flowers inside something to give it the appearance of a vase. Small, hollowed-out pumpkins with a glass vase inside makes an ideal arrangement for fall. Boots, paper-covered boxes, baskets, even Chinese take-out boxes with bright ribbons tied around them can be used with a vase inside holding your fresh flowers.

Fresh Flower Arrangements

Your fresh flowers can be arranged traditionally in a formal way; more relaxed in the modern style; or with an Asian influence, such as Ikebana style. A single stem, like a sunflower, cut with a short stem and placed in a small bud vase is a striking little bright spot in a room. Adding other elements to your bouquet of fresh flowers can add interest and become a conversation piece. Small bird's nests or a small, feather bird; spikes of berries or beads; an artificial butterfly; or tiny fake bubble bees are a few things you can add to your fresh flower arrangement to make it more interesting.

Places for Fresh Flowers

Everyone immediately thinks of fresh flowers being placed in the center of a dining room table, on a mantle or end table. But there are so many other locations for a bouquet of fresh flowers. Place a small bunch of fresh flowers in the bathroom or on your night stand so the fragrance can lull you to sleep and brighten your day when you wake. A bouquet on the window ledge above the kitchen sink, on your patio table, or even on the side of the entry steps to your front door to greet your visitors are other ways to share your fresh flowers with guests and visitors.

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