How to Use a Fertilizer Spreader


Imagine how tedious it would be to spread fertilizer over your lawn by hand. It would be nearly impossible to distribute it equally over your entire yard. Applying the right amount would also prove to be a huge challenge. Fertilizer spreaders allow you to apply fertilizer at a constant precise rate. However, like any other pieces of equipment, you need to know how to use them.

Step 1

Pour your fertilizer into the hopper on the fertilizer spreader. If you have more fertilizer than the hopper can hold, fill it until the level of the fertilizer is about an inch down from the top of the hopper to prevent spilling.

Step 2

Read the fertilizer bag for application rates. Match the brand name of your fertilizer spreader with the corresponding application rate. Set the dial on the fertilizer spreader to the indicated application rate.

Step 3

Push the fertilizer spreader to where you want to begin fertilizing. Squeeze the handle and begin to walk across your yard while pushing the spreader in front of you. You will see it dispensing the fertilizer on your lawn.

Step 4

Walk all the way across your lawn and then walk back next to the first pass. Keep an eye on how wide of a swath your spreader outputs. Ensure your walking paths overlap 6 to 12 inches to achieve total coverage. Continue until your entire lawn has been fertilized.

Step 5

Pour the remaining fertilizer back into the fertilizer bag and store in a cool and dry place. Store your fertilizer spreader until the next use.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn fertilizer
  • Fertilizer spreader


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