How to Quick Disconnect a Garden Hose


When watering your plants, you may find yourself connecting and disconnecting various lengths of garden hose. Doing this involves a lot of awkward twisting and over time the connections may begin to leak. Garden hose quick disconnect fittings are a reliable method to connect and disconnect your garden hoses from one another. Their connection is secure and drip free. Most importantly they allow you to connect and disconnect your garden hoses very quickly.

Step 1

Turn the water off at the garden hose spigot by turning the valve clockwise until it is snug.

Step 2

Release any residual water pressure in the garden hose by pressing the trigger of the hose end sprayer.

Step 3

Go to where the garden hoses are connected together with quick disconnect fittings. Examine the fittings closely. On one hose, you will see a male fitting that is narrow. This fitting slides into the female fitting on the other hose.

Step 4

Grasp the end of the female fitting and pull back on it. You should be pulling the fitting away from the male fitting. Notice that when you pull, the outside of the fitting pulls back slightly. This loosens the grip on the male fitting.

Step 5

Pull the male fitting out of the female fitting while holding back on the female fitting. Release the female fitting. The outside of the fitting will slide back to its original position.


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