Children's Gardening Ideas

Children love gardening as much as adults. However, there are times when the care needed for a vegetable garden may overwhelm a child. Create a specialty garden for a child that allows him to be creative. Ideas include building a fantasy world filled with colorful yard art. A section of the flowerbed with herb-filled pots opens up the world of gardening to a child.

Bog Garden

Carnivorous plants attract attention. The odd-shaped blooms and strange leaves fascinate children of all ages. A bog garden takes up very little space in the landscape. Choose a container approximately 3 feet in diameter and 12 inches deep to create a bog garden. Fill the container half full with peat moss and add water just to the surface of the peat. Add any variety of carnivorous plant you desire to the bog garden. Use only distilled or spring water when watering the carnivorous plants. Fluorides and other chemicals in tap water are lethal to carnivorous plants.

Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens add whimsical humor to the landscape. Children learn about plant care and yard art when planting a fairy garden. Children can add anything imaginable to a fairy garden from little doors and windows to toadstools. Plants hide strategically placed small figurines. Select flowers for the fairy garden that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Herb Garden

Teach a child gardening and cooking techniques with an herb garden. The amount of space used for growing the herbs can vary by how old the child is and what herbs she wants to grow. Paint colorful pots and containers for growing the herbs on the patio or even to place among the flowerbeds. As the herbs grow, teach your child collecting the leaves for drying. He will be proud when you use his herbs in your next stew or soup.

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