How to Kill Clovers in Grass


Clovers can grow in nearly any yard regardless of how healthy the grass is. While some people may enjoy searching for a lucky four leaf clover in a clover patch, others feel that it ruins the appearance of their lawn. It can be tricky to efficiently get rid of clovers as many herbicides will also kill any grass they come in contact with. However, with the right product and proper aftercare, even the worst clover problem can be diminished.

Step 1

Apply a post emergent selective herbicide to the clover. The best herbicides to use should contain dicamba or MCPP as they will kill the clover but will not harm your grass. Apply the herbicide according to the directions on your particular product.

Step 2

Check the affected area one day later to make sure the clovers are dead. Depending on your particular herbicide, it may take more than a day to completely kill them off.

Step 3

Sprinkle a thin layer of grass seed over the area once the clover dies. The new addition of grass will fill in any empty spots in the lawn and help reduce the chance new clovers from sprouting.

Step 4

Water the grass seeds every other day to encourage growth. The sooner the new grass comes up, the less likely new weeds will grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Post emergent herbicide
  • Grass seed
  • Water


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