Fun Gardening Ideas

For many gardeners, planting their plot is a matter of habit. They dig the same area and plant the same varieties of vegetables, counting on the same reliable results. This is a safe method, but it can be rather boring. Devote a portion of your garden to fun new methods of planting and unusual plants to add a bit of adventure to your gardening day.

Living Tepee

Tie the end of six bamboo poles together with a sturdy cord. Stand the poles up in your garden plot, spreading out the loose ends of the poles in a circular design. This will be the framework of your tepee. Plant pole bean seeds around the base of each pole. The vines will grow up the bamboo and the foliage will fill in the empty spaces, creating a fun playhouse for your children to occupy during warm afternoons.

Color Variety

Search seed catalogs to find unusual colored varieties of vegetables, and plant a rainbow garden plot. Choose four or five colors of peppers, grow white pumpkins, and plant purple and golden potatoes. Make every plant in the special garden a color surprise.

Corn House

Set aside a 6-by-6-foot area of your garden for a freestanding corn house. Plant a double row of sweet corn plants all around the perimeter of the square, omitting a 3-foot area for the doorway. When the cornstalks grow to full size they will be the walls for this open-air playhouse for your children. Plant vining pole bean plants among the cornstalks for even denser walls.

Sauce Garden

Plant every ingredient that is in a favorite marinara or other pasta sauce recipe, and create a fun and different type of meal when the harvest comes. Choose Roma tomatoes or another variety known for sauce. Add oregano, garlic, parsley and any other herbs that strike your palate. Keep the sauce garden in a special corner and decorate it with hand-painted signs.

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