Grass Garden Ideas

Grass gardens are a practical choice for many landscapes. In general, grasses are hardy, dense growing and fairly easy to care for. Although individual grass plants lack the showy beauty of flowering plants, together they can create an attractive effect, waving in the breeze, catching the sunlight and displaying clusters of flowering tops in a soft bouquet.

Bamboo Boundaries

Running bamboo grows and spreads quickly, making it an ideal boundary for a grass garden. Use this ornamental grass as an alternative to fencing, stone edging and other borders to outline your property and divide the different sections of your garden. Place plastic or metal edging at least six inches into the ground, forming a box around the area in which you want to grow bamboo. Plant running bamboo at several spots within that boundary area at the recommended depth for the particular strain. Within a season or two, you will have a grove of bamboo forming a natural fence.

Specimen and Background Grass

Use brighter, taller or showier grasses for display and more subdued specimens for background. For example, on a sunny, south-facing side of your house plant a stand of Sudan grass in the middle of the yard as a specimen. Use a more subdued grass such as copper wheat near the side of your house to soften the borders and provide a decorative look. Alternately, you could surround the Sudan grass with a thin circle of a lower grass to create a symmetrical, layered look.

Turf Grass Paths

In lawns, turf grass serves as a background layer, but in a grass garden it can serve as a design element fitting within your theme. Separate your stands of ornamental grass with areas of mulch to give them definition. Create a turf grass path between the different grass specimens. If you have the room, install several different paths with different types of turf grass for a multi-colored effect.

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