How to Grow Eggplant Using Container Gardening


Almost any garden vegetable a gardener might plant directly in the soil will also thrive in a container, as long as the gardener provides the proper growing conditions for the vegetables. Eggplants are no exception; these tender egg-shaped vegetables thrive in large containers set in the sunshine. Grow eggplant using container gardening techniques, selecting compact varieties that will produce smaller plants and smaller eggplants. Within two to three months, you can harvest eggplants from the containers.

Step 1

Fill the container with 1 to 2 inches of gravel for drainage, and then fill it approximately half-full of potting soil.

Step 2

Remove the eggplant seedlings from their temporary containers gently, and place one plant in the center of each container. Cover the roots with potting soil to make the eggplant seedling at the same depth it was growing in the temporary container.

Step 3

Water the eggplant seedlings generously immediately after planting them, and place the containers in a sunny growing location.

Step 4

Provide water every day to keep the soil evenly moist. Water the eggplants to saturate the soil without leaving puddles. Pour the water carefully over the potting soil without splashing the plant foliage.

Step 5

Sprinkle the fertilizer over the potting soil carefully when the eggplants are approximately half of their mature size. Consult the package recommendations for the appropriate amount of fertilizer to use for the container size, and do not allow the fertilizer to contact the plant stems or foliage. Scratch the fertilizer into the soil with the hand rake, and water the soil generously to help the fertilizer absorb.

Step 6

Harvest the eggplants when the vegetables become mature. Consult the growing instructions for maturity sizes and colorings, because they may differ for compact eggplant varieties. When the eggplants become glossy and firm, cut them from the plants with the knife, leaving 1 or 2 inches of stem attached to the eggplants.

Things You'll Need

  • Planting containers with drainage holes (at least 1 foot wide and deep)
  • Gravel
  • Potting soil
  • Eggplant seedlings (Bambino, Calliope or Fairy Tale)
  • Nitrogen fertilizer (granular)
  • Hand rake
  • Knife


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