Non Flowering Plants for Kids

Many gardeners would love to pass on their love of gardening to their children, and letting kids grow their own plants is a good way to keep their interest. Plants specially chosen for children's gardens should be sturdy, able to take some neglect and show results either very quickly or in some special way. Bored children generally don't want to keep working in a garden, so pick something different for your kids to plant.


Beginning gardeners can often be impatient, so radish is an ideal choice for quick results. Most varieties go from seed to harvest in less than a month, and they sprout and grow very quickly. There is a large number of radish varieties from which to choose, with color and shape variations to keep a child's interest.

Sweet Potato Vine

A sweet potato vine is a classic project for children to first learn about growing plants and gardening. Suspend an organic sweet potato over a jar of water using toothpicks to hold up the potato. The plant will sprout, and vines will begin to grow in a matter of weeks. These vines can grow large enough to circle a kitchen window and can be grown at any time of the year.


Sprout alfalfa, mung beans or other seeds with your kids. This project takes less than a week, and teaches about the beginning of plant life. The results can be served in a salad, sandwich or stir fry meal.


Many children enjoy the sweet taste of fresh carrots, and homegrown carrots often taste better than anything bought in a store. Purchase mixed packets of carrot seeds, or pick out a few varieties to surprise your child. Carrots come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Pick baby carrots, purple or yellow varieties and ball-shaped carrots for a surprising side dish.

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