How to Grow Vegetables in Your Home


Vegetable gardening is not strictly for someone with a back yard. Even apartment dwellers can have a small vegetable garden indoors. Container gardening is a way to utilize a small amount of space with big results. Almost all vegetables that are grown in the home garden are possible to grow indoors, according to Texas A & M University, although some varieties are especially for small spaces. Choosing the correct vegetables and providing the right environment for their growth ensures a healthy crop.

Step 1

Fill a container that has drainage holes on the bottom with a synthetic potting soil such as perlite, vermiculite, or commercial potting mix, according to Texas A & M. Choose a container made of clay, wood, metal or plastic.

Step 2

Add a slow-release fertilizer to the potting soil, such as 14-14-14, according to the size of the container and the packaging instructions, recommends Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Step 3

Plant the container with the same spacing as the vegetable require in an outside garden, says the Arizona Cooperative Extension. Place a label where the seeds are planted for easy identification.

Step 4

Water the soil regularly so that it stays moist and does not dry out. Containers may need watering once or twice a day. Apply a water-soluble fertilizer to the soil every 2 to 3 weeks, according to the instruction on the fertilizer label. Wet the soil slightly before applying the fertilizer to prevent run off. Do not allow the container to sit in standing water.

Step 5

Place the vegetables near a southerly or south-westerly facing window to utilize the most of the day's sun. Leaf vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, greens, spinach and parsley will require less sunlight than other plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Containers
  • Seeds or seedlings
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Growing medium


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