Bougainvillea Plant Colors

Bougainvillea brings a bright bit of the tropics to your garden. It has hundreds of colorful, flower-like bracts, which hide its tiny flowers. Native to South America, the bougainvillea needs full sun and well-drained soil to bloom at its best. It grows in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11. In less tropical areas, you can grow bougainvillea as a container plant.


Bougainvillea comes in a wide range of reds and pinks, including magenta, crimson, tomato, hot pink and light pink. Some of the red varieties are 'Crimson Red,' 'La Joya' and 'Tomato Red.' Pinks include 'Imperial Delight,' 'Helen Johnson' and 'Pink Pixie.'


From lilac to lavender to fuchsia, bougainvillea also comes in purples. Purple varieties include 'Vera Deep Purple' and 'Twilight Delight.' Violet varieties include 'Queen Violet' and 'Sao Paulo.' Lilac varieties include 'Formosa,' 'Easter Parade' and 'Texas King.' For fuchsia, there's 'Barbara Karst' and 'Miami Pink.'

Other Colors

Orange bougainvillea varieties include 'Afterglow' (salmon), 'Sundown Orange' (starts orange, then turns salmon-pink) and 'Hugh Evans' (coral orange). For a yellow variety, try 'Golden Glow,' 'Yellow Glory' or 'California Gold.' White varieties include 'Shubra,' 'Singapore White' and 'Java White.'

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