How to Compost Rabbit Waste


Whether you're raising meat rabbits for your family or you have pet rabbits, using their wastes for your garden soil improves the life of your plants. Composting rabbit waste proves to be an easy process that doesn't change your normal composting by more than a step or two. It allows you to make use of the nutrients found in the rabbits' wastes and provides your compost with a hardy organic fertilizer. Whether you're growing ornamental flowers or an edible organic vegetable and herb garden, rabbit pellets allow for easy composting.

Step 1

Fill the bottom of the compost bin with about 5 inches of potting soil. This serves as a base on which the composting materials will sit, allowing for absorption of the nutrients.

Step 2

Layer the top of the soil with about 5 inches of rabbit pellets. One rabbit produces roughly a pound of waste per week, so depending on the size of your container you either need more than one rabbit or you should save the pellets in a separate container until you have enough with which to compost.

Step 3

Cover the rabbit wastes with kitchen wastes. Kitchen compost consists of plant materials, egg shells, coffee grounds and other similar materials.

Step 4

Cover the composting bin and allow the materials to cure for a month.

Step 5

Add kitchen wastes and rabbit pellets to the bin periodically to add to the nutrients for your garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Composting bin
  • Potting/garden soil
  • Kitchen waste


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