How to Buy a Good Garden Hose


If you're a gardener, you know that a good garden hose is essential. Leaky hoses cost money and valuable water pressure, as do hoses that don't connect well to your spigot. Long hoses that are difficult to wind up and ones that kink are pains to use. Fortunately, there are many hoses from which to choose and knowing what to look for, rather than relying on the price to tell you which hoses are better, will help you choose a reliable hose that meets your needs.

Step 1

Look for a hose that is between 5/8 and ¾ inch in diameter. The larger the diameter of the hose, the more water will come out, cutting down your watering time.

Step 2

Decide on a length based on your needs. Hoses typically run between 10 and 100 feet. Buy the shortest hose length you will need most often so it will be easier to store or wind up in your hose rack. Shorter hoses also have the best water pressure. For the occasions of when you need a longer hose, purchase a spare hose to attach to your regular hose and store it somewhere out of the way, such as in the garage.

Step 3

Choose a hose that is made up of both vinyl and rubber in at least four to five layers, also called plies. These hoses will be both strong and flexible.

Step 4

Select a hose with an octagon shaped brass coupling rather than a plastic or round coupling. The coupling is the threaded piece that is connected to your spigot. A brass coupling is more durable, and an octagon shaped coupling is easier to manipulate and twist on and off your spigot.


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