Fall Flowers for Bouquets

Fall is a glorious season in the garden. Flowers are putting on one last show before the first frost hits and they're done for the season. Fall bouquets are one way to bring that autumn splendor inside. Any flower that blooms in colors of red, burgundy, yellow, orange or purple belongs in a fall arrangement.

Golden Rod

Dark yellow tiny flowers are clustered tightly together in plumes on the ends of the stems of golden rod. The flower grows to 36 inches high. It's a good filler flower for fall arrangements. Golden rod also dries well. After drying, spray with a light mist of hair spray to keep the flowers from falling off the stems.


Mums are the flower for fall. Their bloom cycle is triggered by the nights becoming longer than the day, which means they bloom in autumn. Chrysanthemums bloom in shades of pink, white, purple, burgundy, russet and yellows. The flowers range from button-shaped and about 1 inch across to spider mums that have long, tube-shaped petals up to 3 inches long, with flowers up to 5 inches across. Remove the leaves that will be under water when arranged, as they rot quickly, fouling the water.


Asters bloom in jewel tones of sapphire, ruby and amethyst. The daisy-like flowers have bright yellow contrasting centers. Their stems are reasonably sturdy, but the flower heads have a tendency to snap off if handled roughly.


Roses really are a year-round flower for arrangements because they come in every color except blue. Autumn colors include orange, burnt orange, burgundy, purple and two- toned, where the outside of the petal is one shade and the inside of the petal is another. Roses dry well, except for dark red, which dries black, and white, which looks beige when dry. Consider a bouquet of roses, annual statice and golden rod. It's a good combination of fresh flowers and will dry well. Simply take the bouquet out of water, wrap the stems with a rubber band and hang upside down to dry.

Annual Statice

Statice is long lasting in a bouquet, often drying out rather than wilting. The flowers are very tiny and nearly invisible. The papery bracts surrounding the flowers are what give the statice its color. Statice comes in yellow, white, pink, peach, purple and dark blue. Stems are sturdy and up to 24 inches long.

Flower Alternatives

Besides flowers, use hypericum berries, lotus pods, grapes, small apples, pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves in your arrangements. Gather them from your own garden or from a nature walk, with permission of course. Wire the grapes onto wooden skewers used for kabobs. Pierce the end of apples and mini pumpkins with the skewers and tuck them among the flowers.

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