How to Make Organic Lawn Fertilizer


There are a few organic fertilizers you can make at home to keep your garden and lawn looking their best. By creating your own plant food, you can keep track of exactly what is going into your yard and can avoid harsh chemicals. It also helps control costs because store-bought fertilizers are generally expensive. All of these homemade fertilizers are good for the health of your plants and will keep them looking great through the growing season.

Manure Tea

Step 1

Fill a 5 gallon container with water and sit it where it can get a full day's sun.

Step 2

Fill a cloth sack with manure and tie it shut with some twine.

Step 3

Drop the manure sack into the water and close the lid. Let it soak in the water for several days. There is not real limit to how long you can leave it in, but to get any nutrients out of the manure, you need to leave it in for at least a day before taking any water out.

Step 4

Fill a watering can with some of the manure tea and water the lawn. You can also use this mix on your garden as well.

Concentrated Fertilizer

Step 1

Mix ammonia and Epsom salts together in equal parts. You can store it in a jar or just mix up what you need. Five tbsp. will cover 1,000 square feet of yard area.

Step 2

Add the amount of mix you need to a spray container and fill with water. Use 1 gallon of water for every tablespoon you use.

Step 3

Put the lid on the sprayer and shake it to mix it all together. Spray the yard with the mix.


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