Fresh Flower Arrangement Ideas

The fresher the flower the longer it will last in arrangements. Cut flowers in the morning before the temperature heats up, and put them in a container of water as you cut. If you're buying flowers, ask the florist what day flowers are delivered and shop that day. Before arranging, cut an inch off the stems at an angle with sharp scissors, and place stems in an ice bath for an hour to prolong freshness and keep the flowers hydrated. Look around your house for unusual containers, baskets and accessories. Add a few candles, and you're ready to create floral arrangements for any room in the house.

White Flowers

White is refreshing and elegant. Most flowers come in white, so you'll have a good selection. Place tall stems of calla lilies in a clear vase, and adorn the edge of the vase with roses or peonies so they look like a white ruffle. Use white snapdragons instead of calla lilies for a more graceful look. Snapdragons develop a gentle curve and will arch out over the rim of roses or peonies. Combine Queen Anne's lace, tulips, white lilacs and gardenias for a scented bouquet. Place the flowers in a bubble vase, since gardenias don't have long stems.

Candles and Flowers

Combine candles with flowers for a quick and easy arrangement. Place a pillar candle in a wide vase, and fill the vase with an inch of water. Cut the flower stems to no more than 1 inch long, and pack the flowers tightly around the candle, making sure the stems are in the water. Carnations, hydrangeas, peonies and open roses work well. Keep the flowers all one color and match them to the décor. If you don't have a wide vase, you can still achieve the same look by placing the pillar candle on a clear, flat glass candle holder. Arrange votive candle holders around the pillar, and put one flower in each holder.

Ice Vases

These don't last more than an evening, but the results are stunning. Boil enough distilled water to fill a half-gallon square juice container. Boiling the water gets rid of air bubbles in the water, and distilled water has no minerals. Air bubbles and minerals result in cloudy ice. Fill the bottom of the juice container with 3 inches of water, and freeze until solid. Place a clear plastic glass on top of the layer of ice. The top of the glass should reach the top of the container. If it doesn't, increase the depth of the ice layer at the bottom of the juice container. Fill the glass with beans to weigh it down, and fill the container with water. Freeze at least 24 hours, and let set for 30 minutes after removing it from the freezer. Remove the juice container, and put 1 inch of water in the bottom of the plastic glass. Put the flowers in the glass, and place the ice vase in a clear, flat container to catch the dripping water.

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