Garden Courtyard Ideas

Garden courtyards filled with bright blooms and lush foliage are a relaxing space to use for outdoor living. Courtyards are the ideal spot for entertaining friends and family, and are often the focal point of a home. Fill the courtyard with comfortable seating to admire the garden and surrounding landscapes. Personalize the space with outdoor features to create your own style.

Water Features

Add trickling music to the garden courtyard with a cascading water feature. Water features come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit small, medium or large courtyards. They are made from materials like terra-cotta, metal and concrete, and create a focal point in the courtyard while evoking a serene feel. Container water features are ideal for use within a courtyard. They are average-sized to create an attractive feature without overpowering the space. For a classic courtyard feel, center the container water feature within the courtyard. For a more informal design, nestle the container within an existing perennial garden or along a courtyard walkway.

Large Planters

Create strong architectural shapes using oversized planters. Planters fit into any style courtyard and come in a variety of shapes. Some planters have a built-in bench for an all-purpose planter and seat combination. By bringing in large-scale containers, you create height and drama within the courtyard. Planters can also be moved around the courtyard to create different designs. For a full, lush planter, plant an elephant's ear in the container. Elephant's ear has unusual foliage that creates a commanding presence. An ideal variety of elephant's ear is black magic. Black magic elephant's ear grows in upright clumps that reach heights of 6 feet. The deep purple stalks hold heart-shaped leaves that are dark purple to black. They also have an aggressive growth rate to fill the planter in no time.

Perennial Flowers

Grow perennial flowers in the courtyard garden for a long-lasting display of color. Perennials are planted only once, and continue to grow year after year. With many colors, shapes and sizes, perennials help to create constant color to the courtyard garden. Some perennial flowers are drought-tolerant, making them low-maintenance plants. Both black-eyed Susans and purple coneflowers are drought-resistant but still have masses of colorful blooms. They have upright, clump-forming shapes that help fill out the garden.

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