How To Water Squash Plants


Although summer and winter squash have different growing habits and harvesting times, they have one important growing need in common. Both summer and winter squash plants require careful and plentiful watering to ensure a healthy squash harvest. Because squash vines grow both deep and shallow root systems, they can access moisture from the soil when other plant varieties cannot. However, squash plants will produce more squash when a gardener irrigates them regularly.

Step 1

Assess the soil every two days to ensure it is not drying out. If you notice the soil drying 1 inch below the soil surface, prepare to water the squash plants.

Step 2

Position the garden hose so it applies water at the soil level and not over the plant foliage. If you use a watering can to irrigate, sprinkle the soil and not the plants.

Step 3

Apply water slowly and continuously to saturate the soil fully. Do not water shallowly; instead, give the squash plants a slow watering that saturates the soil.

Step 4

Provide 1 inch of water for squash plants each week if rainfall is not adequate during any one-week period.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose or watering can


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