How To Prune a Vinca


Plants in the genus vinca are evergreen groundcovers and fall under two varieties: vinca minor or vinca major. They are vigorous groundcovers that can fill in a space in two to three years. They will continue to grow and take over other areas if not pruned on a consistent schedule. Fortunately, just pruning it once every few years can keep a vinca bed neatly maintained and confined. Prune vinca after the last frost of the spring, but before new growth begins to grow.

Step 1

Mow your vinca with a rotary mower set at its highest setting (around 4 inches). This is the easiest and fastest way to prune vinca. For a small space, you can use a weed whacker instead.

Step 2

Hand-cut vinca with pruning shears as an alternative. According to Texas A&M University, cutting back the vinca's height to just 4 to 6 inches every three years will help keep it manicured and neat, while still maintaining a vigorous and nice groundcover.

Step 3

Cut away dead and damaged limbs with hand clippers any time of the year.

Step 4

Rake the clippings and discard. Add them to the compost bin or to take them to your local yard-waste facility if possible (unless they're diseased).

Things You'll Need

  • Mower, weed whacker or pruning shears
  • Hand clippers


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