How to Buy Fresh Flowers


Buy fresh flowers, and bring them home to add a splash of color, beauty and fragrance to your home. Choose the best looking and healthiest fresh flowers so they will last longer. In addition, once home, cut off the stem bottoms at a 45-degree angle, mix in the preservative packet into water and cut off all the leaves that will be sitting in water before arranging the flowers. Then enjoy your fresh flowers longer than you would have otherwise.

Step 1

Look for flowers that are not wet. Wet flowers are more likely to mold. Only the stems should be in water.

Step 2

Choose flowers that are not wilted and do not have broken or bent stems. They will not last very long.

Step 3

Select flowers that have buds that are just beginning to open or have some open flowers, but still have buds left to open. If all the flowers are fully open, your fresh flowers will not look nice for very long.

Step 4

Purchase a few fresh flowers if you are creating your own arrangement. This way you have enough to work with and if any get damaged along the way, you have extras.

Step 5

Buy flowering plants, such as gardenias and orchids, that look healthy and do not have browning or wilted leaves as an alternative to fresh cut flowers. Flowering plants can be kept for years as a house or outdoor plant rather than just a week or two like cut flowers.


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