Popular Flowers for Bouquets

Bouquets are thickets of flowers that are arranged artfully. There are various styles of flower bouquets, such as nosegay bouquets, which are smaller than other bouquets. Bouquets are often given for events like anniversaries, weddings and birthdays. Certain varieties of flowers are particularly popular for bouquets, such as sunflowers and irises.


The iris is a well-known garden plant that is a common flower bouquet option. Iris flowers exist in many colors, including red, orange and pink, purple and blue and yellow and white. Black irises also exist. The leaves of the plant resemble swords. Irises are perennials and herbaceous plants that are extremely hardy. The flowers originate in northern temperate regions of the world. Two especially well-known species of iris plants are the Siberian iris and the bearded iris.


Sunflowers are vibrant annual plants that originate in Central America. The plants are members of the Helianthus genus. Sunflowers have a cheery and joyous vibe, and are frequent choices for flower bouquets. The flowers are notable for their large heads and big stems. The plant bears blossoms that are typically bright yellow, which appear similar to daisies. The flowers can be several colors, including yellow, red, orange, cream and brown. Some of the flowers have middle colors that are contrasting.


Lilies are another one of the most popular flowers used for bouquets. The herbaceous plants are cultivated out of bulbs and are part of the Liliaceae family. Lilies originate in temperate areas of the Northern hemisphere. The plants are often used as ornamental garden plants due to their striking and showy flowers. The flowers of lilies are large and consist of six petals. Lilies are usually softly fragrant. The flowers, which appear during the summer months, can be a range of hues, including orange, yellow, white, red, purple and pink. Some lilies also display markings, such as brush strokes and spots.

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