How to Put Fertilizer on Grass


If you look longingly at the acres of emerald green turf every time you pass by the golf course, you may be happy to learn that your home lawn can look just as lush. A healthy lawn requires a few essentials: water, sunlight and nutrients. Fertilizers contain the nutrients that your lawn requires to be green and healthy. There two tools you can use to put fertilizer on grass: drop and rotary spreaders. Horticulturists at the University of Minnesota Extension suggest the use of rotary spreaders for the residential lawn because they provide a faster application and are less likely to leave stripes. Fertilize in the morning while there is still dew on the grass.

Step 1

Calibrate the spreader according to the instructions for your particular spreader. Calibration instructions are located on the back of the fertilizer bag.

Step 2

Water the lawn to slightly moisten it if it is dry.

Step 3

Put on your gloves and breathing mask.

Step 4

Pour the fertilizer into the spreader bin, according to the rate suggested for your type of grass.

Step 5

Begin at one edge of the lawn and begin walking quickly across the lawn. Start the spreader after you begin walking and stop it when you make turns or stop walking.

Step 6

Broadcast the fertilizer in strips, each one just slightly overlapping the previous strip.

Step 7

Water the lawn to a depth of 2 inches after fertilizing.

Tips and Warnings

  • Fertilizers may contain harmful chemicals. Read and follow all label instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Rotary spreader
  • Gloves
  • Breathing mask


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