Table Flower Arrangement Ideas

Every table can be livened up by a flower arrangement. Bring on sweet dreams with a single scented rose in a bud vase on the bedside table. A group of bright-faced daisies on the kitchen table makes breakfast sunnier. An arrangement of roses in the dining room adds a touch of elegance to dinner. A bouquet of lilies welcomes visitors when placed on the entryway credenza.


Topiaries are round bouquets atop straight stems. There are two different ways to achieve the topiary result. Attach a soaked floral foam ball to one end of a straight branch. Poke the other end of the branch into a pot filled with dry foam. Cover the dry foam with sphagnum moss. Cut the stems of your flowers to 2 inches long. Cover the floral foam ball with the flowers. The other way is to use large, round flowers on long, straight stems. Peonies, hydrangeas, carnations and spider mums all work well. Group the flowers so the blossoms are all at the same level. Cut the stems the same length, but leave them long. Tie the stems together under the flower heads and about halfway down the stems. Place in a tall, narrow vase.

Candle Wreaths

Candles and flowers go together well. Form a wreath by packing a round baking pan with floral foam. Set the candle in the middle of the foam. Cover the remaining foam by poking in flower stems. Cover the sides of the baking pan with sphagnum moss. A large wreath in the center of a formal dining table with a smaller wreath on each side is lovely.


Baskets don't hold water, but don't let that stop you from filling a basket with flowers for your table. Line the basket with a waterproof container. Or use plastic to line the basket, and pack it with floral foam. Just be careful not to puncture the plastic when you stick the flower stems in the foam. Line the basket with a towel. Place 4-inch pots of blooming plants in the basket. Cover the pots with sphagnum moss. Compose a spring basket with daffodils, pansies and sweet alyssum. In summer, use all white flowers or yellows and oranges. Give the baskets a couple of hours of sunlight a day to keep the flowers blooming. Or swap out the pots with others that have been growing in the sunlight.

Wine Glasses

Make individual bouquets with wine glasses filled with flowers, and set one at each place setting. Cut roses just tall enough to peek out over the edge of the glass. Gather the flowers in one hand, tie a ribbon around the bouquet, and set it in the wine glass. Fill the wine glasses with water to cover only the bottoms of the stems, but not the ribbon.

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