Garden Renovation Ideas

Garden renovation projects can be as big as adding a $5,000 water feature or as small as moving a few shrubs from one part of the garden to another. Every project, whether big or small, requires planning and consideration of your purpose in renovating and what you hope to accomplish. Whatever project you take on can improve and refresh your garden space.

Redo the Deck or Patio

If a deck's material are becoming shabby or unsafe or if the space is just too small for the purpose it is meant to serve, a homeowner will achieve great satisfaction with a deck renovation project. Whether it's just replacing chair cushions and adding planter boxes around the perimeter of the deck or a complete resurfacing or enlarging project with an upgraded wood such as a high grade redwood or mahogany a deck or patio renovation will also add value to your home. If your patio is made from cement, consider refinishing the surface with colors, or with texture. Fine Gardening magazine suggests at least 4 square feet of space per person once you have thought about how many people you want the deck to accommodate. They add that homeowners need a 3-foot-wide area around chairs.

Add an Enclosure or Border

One of the biggest trends in gardening in the U.S. in the 21st century is the concept of the garden room. To create such a space, you can use any kind of artificial structure, such as an arch, pergola, trellis or fence or you can plant a shrub hedge to separate one area of your garden from another. Plans for arches and other structures to build yourself are available from nurseries and home improvement stores, as are kits with all the materials gathered for you. Build a rustic structure with limbs and branches from your garden, or use treated redwood or cedar either painted or unfinished.

Install a Water Feature

A small pond, bog or fountain serves two purposes in your garden. It provides another type of boundary as you move from one garden room to another, and it provides a natural and interesting focal point. In fact, with landscaping and plantings around the water and a bench to sit on, the water feature can define the relaxing, contemplative area of the garden. As with arches and pergolas, you can assemble materials for a water feature from scratch or buy kits with installation directions. A fountain is as simple as a large garden pot with a dripping pipe suspended over it or as elaborate as a 30-foot pond with water cascading over a boulder waterfall.

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