How To Compost Couch Grass


Couch grass, also known as Bermuda grass, can be a hardy and effective ground cover, or an invasive and obnoxious weed. When you remove couch grass from your landscape, for whatever reason, consider composting it. Only compost couch grass clippings, which are high in nitrogen. The seeds and rhizomes may survive a compost pile and introduce an invasion of couch grass wherever the resulting humus is spread.

Step 1

Add the grass clippings to your compost pile or bin.

Step 2

Add an equal amount of "brown" compost material by volume to the compost pile, such as dried leaves or dried corn stalks.

Step 3

Add a handful or two of garden soil to the compost pile.

Step 4

Turn the pile to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Step 5

Repeat steps one through four until your compost pile has reached between 3 and 5 cubic feet in size. Do not add any more material, but continue to turn the pile once weekly until it turns into dark brown, friable humus.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Garden soil


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