How to Water Bermuda Sod


Because Bermuda grass is durable and drought-tolerant, it is often used on sports turf as well as home lawns. Laying sod is perhaps the quickest and most hassle-free method of establishing a Bermuda grass lawn. But although hardy, Bermuda sod must be nursed through its first few weeks on your lawn like any other grass. With consistent watering over its first few weeks of growth your Bermuda grass sod will put down deep, healthy roots that will increase its stability and disease resistance.

Step 1

Water the Bermuda sod immediately after you install it. One inch of water is often sufficient. The goal is to make the top inch or so of the soil underneath the Bermuda grass just as moist as the soil layer that came attached to the sod.

Step 2

Keep the soil underneath the Bermuda sod moist at all times until it puts down roots. One inch of water given every two to three days is often sufficient. In times of drought or high heat, your sod lawn may need 1 inch of water every day. But no matter the weather, check the moisture level of the native soil beneath the sod daily by lifting up a sod square and feeling the soil with your fingers. If it is dry, water the lawn.

Step 3

Cut back your watering frequency to 1 inch every five to seven days once the Bermuda sod has put down roots, or when it resists when you pull on it gently.


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