How to Buy Ranunculus


Ranunculus, also known as a buttercup, produce blooms in a multitude of colors, which can be purchased together for a vibrant and dramatic display of flowers. They have tender tubers as their underground root structures. The tubers look like claws and are planted with the points facing down. It is more economical to purchase ranunculus as tubers, which are available at nurseries, online and through catalogs.

Step 1

Calculate how many ranunculus you will need. They are planted 6 to 12 inches apart, so you will need approximately one to four tubers per square foot.

Step 2

Wait to purchase ranunculus in the fall in zones 8 and warmer. Or purchase them in the spring in zones 7 and colder, where they are planted after the last frost in the spring.

Step 3

Buy ranunulus tubers at a nursery. Choose ones that are dry but not shriveling. If they are moist, look for mold and avoid purchasing those.

Step 4

Purchase ranunculus from a reputable online or catalog nursery. Check the Better Business Bureau before ordering to be sure the nursery is reliable.


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