How to Water Tomato Seeds


To many, the tomato is the apple in the garden of Eden. No fruit, and it is a fruit, is more popular and beloved as the tomato. Choices of varieties to grow are endless due to careful breeding and hybridizing. Use of special techniques will cause the price of tomato seed to increase. Most tomato seed dealers sell a package that averages only 15 seeds. Properly watering the prized tomato seeds while waiting for germination is of utmost importance to ensure good germination rate.

Step 1

Spray the surface of the soil where you planted the tomato seed, with approximately 1/2 cup water, to saturate the soil. Use a fine mist pump sprayer or a gardening hose nozzle that has a mist setting. Avoid washing the seed from its planting location by using gentle watering techniques.

Step 2

Apply 1/2 cup water every morning and 1/2 cup every evening to the potted seed using the spray mister or hose mister until the seeds germinate. Prevent soil from drying out during periods of high temperatures by adding a single layer of shredded wood shavings as a mulch that will keep moisture in the soil.

Step 3

Water the germinated tomato seedling with the hose nozzle and the shower setting once the leaves are above soil surface. At this point, the root will have anchored the plant into the soil and it will not wash away. Stay on a morning and evening schedule for watering, using 1/2 cup water to keep seedlings moist but not too wet. Plant the tomatoes into garden when second set of leaves have formed. Avoid watering leaves after 4 p.m. as wet leaves can attract mildew that will kill the plant.

Tips and Warnings

  • When a tomato seedling in a pot is left to dry out, stress occurs and the plant will never grow to optimal size and stature.

Things You'll Need

  • Bottle sprayer
  • Fine mist garden hose nozzle
  • Wood shavings


  • National Gardening Association: Repotting Tomato Seedlings

Who Can Help

  • University of Illinois Extension: Tomatoes
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