Plants for Gravel Gardens

Gravel gardens are attractive options for sunny and hot spaces that have stony ground. These gardens are not only pleasant to look but, but are extremely low-maintenance. They are dry gardens that are suitable for enclosed spaces, such as courtyards. Various plants are beneficial for gravel gardens, including those that are tolerant of drought, as well as evergreen Mediterranean plants.


Rosemary is a perennial and woody herb. It is a herb that is popularly used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Rosemary's needle-like leaves are softly aromatic. The plants originate in the Mediterranean region and are part of the Lamiaceae (mint) family. To make the plants appear taller, plant them against warm walls. Rosemary thrives when grow under full sun in soil that is well-drained and dry.


Spurge is a perennial that is also commonly known as Euphorbia. The plant generally appears in subtropical and tropical regions throughout North America, South America and Africa. Spurges can add a dramatic and intense ambiance to serene gravel gardens, with their bluish-green leaves and vast, lime-yellow flowers. The flowers are shaped similarly to domes. Spurges work well when planted in spots that receive full sun. Well-drained soil is preferable with spurges. Take care when handling these plants, as they emit a thick sap that can bring upon skin and eye irritations.

Cotton Lavender

Cotton lavender is a native Mediterranean shrub (which ranges from small to moderately-sized) that is known scientifically as Santolina chamaecyparissus. Cotton lavender is also known as gray santolina. These plants produce rounded and tiny bushes that have neatly divided leaves. The plants thrive in sunny and warm spots, and do well with alkaline, chalky and well-drained soil types. In cold regions, the plants require winter protection.

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