Plants for Small Containers

Container gardening is ideal for those who do not having available gardening space or are just learning how to plant flowers. It is best to plan out which types of flowers and plants will survive in your type of climate and environment. Container plants may be used inside a home for decoration or to place outside to spruce up a doorway, windowsill or porch area.

Lily of the Nile

A lily of the Nile plant has six petal-like parts and grows in colors of blues and whites. They also make great cut flowers to use in vases to decorate a room. The dwarf-sized lily of the Nile plant, known as the Peter Pan, is ideal for smaller containers. It's growth reaches up to 4 to 5 inches and the stems develop at the bottom of the stem. The lily of the Nile should be placed in full sun to half shade. If the plant is grown is well-drained organic soil, it should not attract any pests.


Petunias can grow in a variety of containers. They are available in a wide array of bright colors such as pink, red, purple and white. Petunias should not be placed in extreme heat. Milliflora and grandiflora petunias are idea for planting in containers, hanging baskets or window boxes. Petunias require five to six hours of sunlight each day, although they will dwell better in full sunlight. The less sunlight a petunia receives, the fewer flowers it will develop.


A geranium is a perennial plant that can thrive in a container as it only needs to be repotted a few times a year. Geraniums may be grown in containers and hanging baskets. The plants can grow as much as 12 to 20 inches tall and can be started from seed. The types of geraniums that can be grown in containers are known as elite and orbit, which grow in much smaller sizes. Geraniums grow best in well-drained soil and in a sunny area. Pinch of spent flower heads before they have deteriorated so that it will produce more blooms. Pinching also helps prevent plant disease.

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