How to Water Rubber Plants


Add a touch of attractive greenery to an indoor environment with a rubber plant. Give a rubber plant a warm environment and bright sunlight, and it will thrive, possibly growing to heights of up to 10 feet. The shiny, deep green leaves of a rubber plant need adequate humidity and regular water to stay healthy and hydrated. Water rubber plants regularly as part of the basic care these plants require.

Step 1

Move the rubber plant to a bathtub or a large sink for watering to allow the container to drain freely after you water.

Step 2

Pour water around the soil in the planting container to saturate it completely. Continue pouring water until the water drains freely from the bottom of the container.

Step 3

Place the container on a saucer that's large enough for the container. Put the rubber plant back in its regular growing location.

Step 4

Check the saucer after one to two hours to see how much water is in it. Discard the water from the saucer and replace the saucer beneath the container. Do not allow the plant to sit in a saucer of water because this may cause the roots to rot.

Step 5

Water the rubber plant again using the same process after allowing the soil to dry slightly.

Things You'll Need

  • Planting container with drainage holes
  • Saucer


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