How to Remove a Baby Root from an Orchid Plant


Orchids are exotic plants that typically are grown indoors in pots, although in warmer climates, they can also grow outdoors. Orchids have underground root structures called rhizomes. These rhizomes multiply over time and can overcrowd a space or container in a few years. If you want to remove a baby rhizome (root), perhaps to grow another orchid plant, know that it will most likely take at least two years to bloom. Plant your divided baby rhizome immediately for greatest success.

Step 1

Wait until the soil is slightly dry. Turn the pot upside down and carefully remove the soil and plant from the container. If it is outside, carefully dig the plant out with a trowel or your hands so you do not damage the roots. Orchids are planted just beneath the soil.

Step 2

Shake off the excess soil and examine the roots. You will see the swollen underground root structures called rhizomes, as well as fleshy roots.

Step 3

Grab a hold of a baby rhizome, which are usually found on the side or back of the larger, main rhizome. Then, gingerly, tear it away along with the fleshy roots attached to it from the other rhizomes. Orchid rhizomes are often intertwined with each other and the fleshy roots, so choose one that is on the outer edge and looks easy to remove.


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