Simple Landscape Ideas

Jazz up the landscape to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that welcomes you to your home. Bring in different colors and textures of varying shapes and sizes to balance and harmonize the space for a relaxing atmosphere. Have fun mixing and matching plants and flowers within the landscape to complement surrounding plants. Remember, don't be afraid to remove something if it doesn't work.

Stone Paths

Stone paths are a simple way to connect areas of the home landscape to outdoor structures like a pergola or backyard patio. Made from a wide range of materials including, brick, slate, flagstone and crushed rock, stone paths are long lasting and weather resistant. To create a walking path, lay a two- to three-inch layer of pebbles down as wide as needed. Typically a two- to three-foot- wide path is wide enough for walking on to admire the garden and for moving gardening equipment like wheelbarrows. Use the natural curve of the landscape to create a meandering path. Consider running the path through a flowerbed for easy access to plants for pruning and watering. Crushed pebbles are soft underfoot and safe for everyone in the family. To refresh the path, add a fresh layer of pebbles, and rake down to create a smooth walking surface.

Flower Containers

Containers are an ideal way to bring color throughout a small or large landscape. Available in terra-cotta, stone and plastic, flower containers range in sizes and shapes. Large containers flanking a front door entry or lining a backyard patio create a showy display in the garden. To create a colorful container, plant fiery or "hot" plants together. Use orange and crimson zinnia for their tall, erect stems to bring height to the container. Add red cosmos and verbena, with their fire engine red flowerheads, to fill in the sides and front of the container. Verbena has a cascading and draping form that spills over a container to create a balanced design.

Water Features

Add music to the landscape by installing a water feature. Water features add dramatic presence to flowerbeds, courtyards and front entries. Their soothing bubbling noise adds a relaxing feel to the space and welcomes guests as they enter and exit a home or garden. Made in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors, they are ideal for any size landscape. Container water features are simple and don't require a lot of space. There is no need for a basin or reservoir below; instead the water recirculates within the bowl for a soothing effect. Nestle the feature within a perennial garden or front flowerbed to create a striking feature to the home. Let the water spray around surrounding flowers to create a lush feel to the space.

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