Landscaping & Patio Ideas

Fill the landscape with color and texture to create a warm and inviting space. Have fun growing favorite flowers that fit within the décor of the home and complement surrounding plants. Patios alongside the landscape create additional space for growing plants as well as for hosting dinner parties and other festivities. Bring in personal touches to the patio to create your very own design.


Flower-filled containers bring color to the patio. Made from a wide range of materials including, stone and metal, containers allow you to create small gardens within a pot. They are ideal for small or large patios and when placed in sets along a pair of a patio steps, creates a showy and colorful display. Make a long-lasting patio container using perennial flowers. Perennials have a one-time planting to then grow back each year fuller and healthier. Colorful plants like black-eyed Susan and purple coneflowers have an upright mounding shape that creates a full look to the container. Their masses of bright blooms emerge in summer to light up the patio with color and texture. Drought-tolerant, these perennials are ideal in climates where moisture is limited and within containers where watering is frequently required due to the soil to pot ratio.


Create a meandering path through the landscape to connect areas of the garden. Paths can be made from a range of materials including, stone, crushed rocks and sand. Forming the path to fit the natural curves of the landscape helps to create an inviting design and one that snakes in and out of gardens, flowerbeds and outdoor structures like pergolas and arbors. Pebbles are an ideal stone to use to create a landscape path. Soft underfoot, they can be spread wide enough to accommodate gardening equipment or used as a walking path. Pebbles also help to suppress weeds around the garden and can easily be refreshed with a fresh layer of pebbles. The multicolored pebbles also blend in well with the landscape to create a seamless design that helps filter water so the path does not flood. Alongside the stone path, don't forget to fringe the pebbles with bright flowers and low-growing ground covers for a burst of color.


Extend your outdoor living and dining area with comfortable seating. Add an outdoor patio set to use for dinners with friends and family. Made in a wide range of materials like metal, wood and plastic, outdoor seating sets are made to withstand the elements. Sizes and shapes vary to include small, round bistro sets that are perfect for small patios or a more transitional rectangular table that seats a large family. Alongside the seating area, bring in an outdoor rug to bring in a splash of color to the patio. Outdoor rugs help to create a cozy feeling and are soft underfoot for the ultimate outdoor space.

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