How to Plant a Beech Tree


Beech trees are sturdy trees with a white or light colored smooth bark. Mainly found in the eastern U.S., the trees can get upwards of 90 feet and have a width of 50 or more feet. They prefer a well draining, rich soil that is damp. The roots of the beech tree stay near the surface, helping it capture water before it runs off. Beech trees are of use in the furniture industry, cabinet making, and as firewood and paper.

Step 1

Find a place to plant the beech tree. Keep in mind that these trees live a long time, so pick an area that is not likely to be used for something else. Give the beech space from other trees so that it doesn't have to compete for root space and branches have room to spread. Try to pick a location with rich, well draining soil. The tree will adapt, but this soil is best.

Step 2

Dig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the tree's entire root system. Add some soil from around another beech tree that has done well. This will bring micro-organisms to the new tree that might be beneficial.

Step 3

Put the tree into the hole and cover the roots with the soil that you dug out of the hole. Make sure the soil gets in between the roots so that there are no air pockets. Tap the soil down with your foot as you go. Mound the dirt up slightly so there will be extra soil to fill in when the earth settles.

Step 4

Water the tree for half an hour with a water hose set on a trickle. Move the hose around every five to 10 minutes so that the water gets to all of the roots. Water the beech every day until the tree is established.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel


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