Starter Plants for Organic Vegetables

This list contains some of the most popular plants grown in home vegetable gardens. To ensure you buy organic starter plants, look for the certified organic label or ask for proof of the plant's organic status. Starter plants are usually sold in pots, seed trays or in bundles of bare-root plants. Beans and corn are missing from this list, as they're usually started from seeds, rather than transplants.


A warm season crop, tomato is the number one vegetable grown in home gardens. No wonder, since they are so delicious and are packed with nutrition. Choose certified organic plants that appear healthy with a strong stem and healthy leaves. The healthier your starter plant, the better your harvest. Usually the most robust starter tomato plants are those growing in pots or seed trays, rather than those with bare-roots sold in bundles. While the larger potted plants will cost a little more, it may be worth it to you to have a head start and an earlier harvest. In heirloom tomato varieties, these are nonhybrid, open-pollinated plants, you might choose big rainbow, Cherokee purple, mortgage lifter, blaby special or brandywine. In hybrid varieties, you may choose early girl, sweet 100 cherry tomatoes or sun gold, a yellow cherry tomato.


Onions may be started from seeds, transplants or from onion sets. Choose certified organic onion sets or transplants from a local nursery, landscape center or farmer. There are many types and varieties of onions to choose from. Some of the most popular are: vidalia, white onion, shallots, yellow globe onion, red onion and pearl onion.


A warm season crop, eggplant comes in four types: Western globe eggplant, Asian/Japanese, baby and egg-shaped. A member of the nightshade, or Solanaceae family, eggplant is closely related to the potato and tomato. The most common variety of globe eggplant is black beauty.


Brassicas are in the mustard family. Sometimes called cole crops, this genus includes cabbage, collards, mustard, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, turnip, spinach and many others. Brassicas play an important role in the world diet and they're among the most popular vegetables on home tables. Cole crops are cool season crops.

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