How to Extend a Pruning Saw


Pruning saws come in varying lengths, some up to 20 feet, to allow you to reach taller branches. While it's extremely important that you read your manufacturer's directions when using your pruning saw, most are attached in a similar manner. Never attempt to make your own prune saw extensions and when pruning, for safety, always make sure objects, people and animals are not underneath or nearby.

Step 1

Decide how many extenders to attach onto your pruning saw. Some pruning saws have more than one extension. Attach an extra pole rather than standing on your toes or extending your body to reach the branch. You are more likely to lose your balance that way.

Step 2

Attach the middle extension poles first. You usually twist these clockwise. Look for a lock or tab to flip over to lock the connection in place.

Step 3

Twist on the bottom pole, the one with the handle. Again, twist in a clockwise direction and lock it into place, if applicable.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be careful around power lines and if you are pruning within 10 feet of them, it is better to call the utility company to come prune your trees for you.


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