Christmas Floral Arrangement Ideas

The winter holidays are celebrated from Thanksgiving to New Year's. That's plenty of time to experiment with floral arrangements all through the house, from a red rose bud in the bathroom to a stunning poinsettia arrangement in the entryway. Red, white and green are traditional Christmas colors, but feel free to use whatever colors go with your Christmas decorations.

Flower Trees

Poke stems of baby's breath into a topiary shaped like a Christmas tree. Use lots of the tiny white flowers. The tree will look like it's covered in snow. The baby's breath dries in place and looks good for weeks. For special events like Christmas Eve or a party, place white roses in floral vials filled with water. Vials are sold at craft stores and florist shops.

Forced Narcissus

Narcissus plants are easily forced indoors. Place the bulbs in glasses with a few inches of glass marbles at the bottom. Add a layer of marbles on top of the bulbs. Fill the glass with water until the bottom of the bulb is submerged but the majority of the bulb remains out of the water. Put the glasses on a tray, and cover them with Christmas garland. Gold, iridescent and silver look pretty and complement the green narcissus leaves and white flowers. Place a few contrasting Christmas balls in the garland.

Carnation Kissing Ball

Poke a straw through a floral foam ball. Thread a ribbon through the straw, and tie a bow at the bottom of the ball and a loop at the top to hang the ball. Completely cover the floral foam ball with carnations. All red or all white is very much in keeping with the holiday spirit. Carnations also come in a red and white variety that is reminiscent of peppermint.


Amaryllis are huge lilies that grow up to five inches across. They are easily forced and come in ready-to-water pots. Place the pots in red or white buckets. Add a layer of sphagnum moss over the bulb, but don't quite cover it. Tuck in a fluffy bow. The bulbs will bloom in about a week. A grouping of three on a mantel, coffee table or entry table is stunning. Alternate the amaryllis with miniature Christmas trees.

Fruit and Flowers

Layer cranberries with green grapes in a clear vase. Each layer should be about three inches thick. If a few berries intermingle in the wrong layer, don't worry about it. Arrange stems of red or white flowers, such as carnations or roses, in the vase by gently pushing them down among the fruits. Fill the vase with water.

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