Landscaping Ideas for Small Homes

It does not matter how much, or how little, land you have, even a terrace on a high rise can benefit from landscaping. However, working in tight spaces does mean you have to keep elements in complete control and use them to their best advantage to create the illusion of a larger area. Using height, depth and design, you can create a beautifully landscaped getaway no matter where your piece of land happens to be, or how small it is.


In large spaces, you can get away with experimenting as you go along. When you have tight spaces you need to landscape, planning is vital to success. Put your ideas on paper and have a reason for every element you use. Decide where you want the focal points to be and build around them.


Because space is at a premium in a small home landscape area, the challenge is to create the illusion of depth. Use curved paths where you can place walkways. Straight paths cut through an area, but a curve adds the feeling of depth by pushing back the walk area. Another way to add depth is to use a gradual incline of brush or plant height. The buildup of size is a powerful way to add dimension to a small plot.


The height limits in an outdoor yard of even the smallest area is virtually unlimited. However, if you are landscaping a patio or terrace on a condominium, townhouse or apartment, you have to deal with the restrictions of the building space. Use shelving to add height to cramped spaces where building restrictions limit the height of plants used. Layer levels of plant heights in small yards to draw the eye up in stages and give a greater illusion of size and depth along with the height.


Lights placed strategically will draw the eye deeper into a group of plants, or pull the focus of an area upward to develop the depth and height illusions. Place lights deep inside a group of plants to illuminate them from underneath for a greater depth in an arrangement. Line the outer rim of a group of plants and shine the light up to the upper parts of the plant to pull the eye up to add height. Using light for height is especially helpful for terrace or patio landscaping where height has space limits.


The smaller the area for landscaping, the more important it is to keep to a specific theme. Pick a theme that suits your personality and level of excitement that makes you comfortable. Furnish your landscape in styles that fit in with the overall design. Select a few comfortable pieces that match your theme and place them so that the visual focus from the seat moves directly to the areas you have highlighted.


Finally, if you have a super small space, use something very dramatic to grab attention immediately. A small water fountain placed at the center of an island of potted plants, in the middle of a patio table, or in a corner nook surrounded by cascading hanging plants is a marvelous way to capture the attention and imagination of visitors and soothe yourself as you relax.

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