Flowers That Smell Nice

Flowers from around the world give off a variety of scents, from woody and floral to downright putrid and unpleasant. Blooms that smell nice produce scents that are cherished by perfumeries, gardeners and people who love to stop and smell the roses. From fragrant bouquet flowers to herbaceous scents, the world is full of flowers that smell nice.

Evening Stock

Evening stock is a night-blooming annual that produces small purple flowers with a fragrance that mimics lilies. The plant reaches from 9 to 12 inches tall, and produces bright green stems and foliage. It thrives well in windowsill planters and other containers.


Hyacinths produce enough fragrance to flood your home or outdoor garden with an intoxicating floral aroma. Native to Asia and parts of Europe, common garden hyacinth is a perennial flower that thrives in partial shade and moist, peat-enriched soil. The plant is commonly called Dutch hyacinth, and its fragrant flowers sprout from a base of deep green foliage, bursting with colors that range from white and pink to lavender and deep blue.


A delightfully fragrant blossom, jasmine thrives in temperate and subtropical climates. Also known as common jasmine or poet's jasmine, it produces a sweet and floral fragrance that often dominates other flower scents around it. Grow it in well-drained, moist soil with partial shade during the spring season.

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