How to Store Caladium


Caladium is a genus comprised of perennial flowering plants native to South America. Grown for its decorative, arrow-head shaped foliage, caladium adds a touch of the tropics to the summer garden. Hardy to USDA Zone 10, caladium plants can be grown in cooler regions but are either treated as annuals or offered protection from cold winter temperatures.

Step 1

Dig up the caladium tubers in the fall, after the first frost. Cut the stem to the soil line but leave the soil attached to the roots.

Step 2

Place the tubers in a well-ventilated area that remains above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow them to remain for three weeks.

Step 3

Brush the soil from the tubers with your hands after three weeks. Cut off the exposed roots, stems and any foliage.

Step 4

Dust the tubers with a fungicide and place them in a box on a bed of dry peat moss. Make sure the tubers are not touching one another.

Step 5

Place the box in an area where the temperature remains above 65 degrees F.

Tips and Warnings

  • All parts of the caladium contain calcium oxalate crystals, a substance that can cause numbing of the tongue and mouth if ingested in large quantities. Sensitive individuals may develop itching after handling the plant. Keep the plant away from children and pets and wear gloves when handling the plant and the tuber.

Things You'll Need

  • Trowel
  • Pruning shears or scissors
  • Fungicide
  • Box
  • Peat moss


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