What Plants Grow From Bulbs?

A bulb is planted with the promise of a plant. In other words, a gardener will plant a bulb knowing that a plant will evolve when the bulb sprouts. You can find many different bulb plants for your garden that will grow new plants or flowers each year in spring or summer.


Tulips bulbs are planted in the spring and can remain in the ground after the flower has died or can be removed and stored in a cool, dark place until the next spring. Tulips come in many colors, including pink, red, yellow and multiple colors on one flower. There are many varieties of tulips, including the lady tulip, tarda, patens, chrysantha and fosteriana. Some of the hybrid tulips include single early tulips, double early tulips, Mendel tulips, triumph tulips, cottage tulips, lily flower tulips, Dutch tulips and late double tulips.


The dahlia is a perennial that can be grown as an annual or can be removed from the ground after blooming and stored in a dark and cool location. The dahlia comes in different varieties with different colored flowers and stem sizes. The dahlia will bloom from summer to fall. The flowers will last about one week. The varieties of dahlias include dwarf dahlias, pompom, miniature, decorative, peony, anemone, mignon and single dahlias.


The daffodil will bloom from December to March when in a greenhouse and from March to April when planted outside. The daffodil bulb can be planted once and left in the ground for years or removed after blooming and kept in a dry, dark and cool location until the next year. There are many varieties of daffodils, including small cupped, double daffodil, tazetta daffodil, miniature daffodil and poeticus daffodil.


The iris is a considered a perennial that grows almost anywhere, including shallow water areas and bogs. Some of the bog and water irises include beardless, ensata, virginica and breaded. The bulbous irises include the white excelsior, British queen, thunderbolt and queen of blues.

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