Homemade Plant Hanger


Create your own decorative plant hangers for any size of plant with no complicated knots or weaving techniques. Accessorize with bead designs on the strands; combine crystal beads with hand-painted wooden beads or make your own beads using polymer clay. Alter the design with beaded strands dangling from the base of the plant hanger, or fill each of the strands with beads to make the cord practically disappear.

Step 1

Cut four 70-inch lengths of thin nylon cord. The diameter of the cord should fit through the holes in the beads.

Step 2

Make a mark at the center of each cord. Stretch one cord so that the center mark is on top of a work surface. The ends of the cord can hang off of the work surface. Stretch another cord perpendicular to the first cord with the cords crossing at the center marks. You should have one length of cord stretching towards the north, south, east and west points of your work surface.

Step 3

Center a third cord on top of the first two so that half of the cord fits between the west and north points of the first two cords and the other half fits between the east and south points of the cord. Center the fourth cord on top of the first three cords so that half of the cord fits between the west and south points of the first two cords and the other half fits between the east and north points. The cords should resemble the spokes in a wheel.

Step 4

Place your plant in the center of the cords, at the spoke of the wheel.

Step 5

Thread ten 10mm wooded, crystal, glass or ceramic beads over the open end of one cord. Make a loop in the end of the same cord by tying a double overhand knot 2 inches from the end. Repeat this step for all seven remaining cord strands that extend from the center of the plant.

Step 6

Slide the beads on one cord to the double overhand knot. Tie a single overhand knot 6 inches from the bottom edge of the plant container. Slide the bead to the knot. Continue to space the remaining beads as you like along the cord, first tying a single overhand knot in the cord as a stopper for the bead.

Step 7

Repeat Step 6 with the remaining seven strands. Space the beads differently on each cord for a more interesting design.

Step 8

Hook each loop at the end of each cord over a large S hook. Hang the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Thin nylon cord
  • Measuring tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Marker
  • 10mm beads

Who Can Help

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