How to Cut Knockout Roses


When you add a Knockout rose shrub to a sunny growing area, you quickly see how these roses got their name. With their prolific blooms and energetic growth, a Knockout rose bush quickly grows into a healthy specimen plant within only a few months of planting. Growing roses in a home landscape often provides a gardener with fresh roses for making flower arrangements. Although the stems of Knockouts are slender and fragile, with care you can cut Knockout roses for arrangements.

Step 1

Fill the bucket approximately halfway with cool water, and take it out to the Knockout rose bush with you to hold the rose stems as you cut them.

Step 2

Clip the rose stems from the bushes with the pruning shears, placing the cuts 1/4 inch above a leaf node. Cut the stems off at the length you require for your arrangement.

Step 3

Place each cut stem into the bucket immediately after you clip it from the shrub. Continue cutting until you have the number of stems you need for your arrangement.

Step 4

Take the bucket inside, and place it in a cool and dark location (a refrigerator is ideal) for two to three hours. If you lack refrigerator space, a cool and dark basement would suffice.

Step 5

Place the Knockout stems into a cut arrangement after they sit for the recommended time.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Pruning shears


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