How to Collect Sweet Pea Seeds


Gardeners have been enjoying sweet peas for centuries, reports Texas A&M University, prizing the plants for their profusion of colorful, fragrant blossoms. The plants may either be the bush variety or the vining type that can quickly cover a trellis or fence. Although you can often buy started sweet pea plants in spring at a garden store, collecting the seeds from an existing plant can comprise an economical method of continuing your sweet pea collection, year after year.

Step 1

Wait for the sweet pea blossoms to fade and drop off, and for the resulting seed pods to take on a brown appearance, advises the National Gardening Association. Sweet pea plants started in the spring typically achieve full bloom by midsummer.

Step 2

Pluck off the seed pods with your hands, or sever them from the vine with a pair of gardening shears.

Step 3

Break open the seed pods over a sheet of newspaper or paper towels. Remove the seeds inside and place them on the paper towels or newspaper. Discard the seed pod pieces and let the seeds dry for a couple weeks indoors.

Step 4

Pour the sweet pea seeds into an envelope and insert the envelope into an airtight, sealable container. Put the container in a dark and cool area until you're ready to plant the sweet peas. The National Gardening Association recommends putting them into your refrigerator.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening shears
  • Newspaper or paper towels
  • Airtight container


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