Potted Plants for Indoors

Furnishing your indoor living quarters with potted plants is an inexpensive and simple way to breathe life into a home. In addition to adding greenery, color and texture to a room, many potted plants will also remove toxins from the air, thus contributing to a healthier and safer home environment.

Queen of the Bromeliads

A native of Venezuela, queen of the bromeliads (Aechmea chantinii) is a flowering tropical plant commonly utilized as a potted houseplant. The plant sports stiff glossy leaves that are dark green and silver gray. Accented by the leaves are the plant's distinctive flower stalks, which boast tubular reddish-pink flowers. Queen of the bromeliads can be cultivated easily in an acidic, organic soil. The plant should be placed in bright, diffused light coming from the South, East or West. A monthly solution of water-soluble fertilizer will help keep the plant looking healthy, and a misting of warm water during the summer will keep the plant from drying out.


Parlsey (Petroselinum crispum) is a low growing biennial that is well known throughout the world for its edible stems and leaves, which are used both as a breath freshener and as a garnish for many different types of cuisine. The foliage of the plant is attractive enough on its own, as the plant boasts small clusters of jagged green leaves. Parsley can be grown indoors in a pot in the kitchen or elsewhere where its fresh aroma can be appreciated. Parsley grows best in full sunlight in slightly acidic soil. Water the plant as needed.

Ribbon Plant

Ribbon plant (Chlorophytum) is a perennial plant native to South Africa. The plant is primarily grown for its long, ribbon-like variegated leaves that are a rich mixture of creamy yellow and bright green. Ribbon plant is easy for beginners to grow indoors and is suitable for a pot or a hanging basket. Place ribbon plant in bright, indirect sunlight, in a general-purpose soil that is well drained. Water the plant often enough to keep the soil evenly moist, and feed with fertilizer every week during the growing season. The occasional misting with warm, lime-free water during the summer will help keep the plant looking fresh and healthy. Ribbon plant can also work as an air freshener, as some species will remove formaldehyde from the immediate area.

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