Landscaping Paver Ideas

Cement landscaping pavers provide you limitless opportunities when deciding how to use them in your landscape design. Cement pavers do not need any special item to lie upon; they simply use the natural ground. When using landscape pavers, take into consideration the expansion of the ground with the extremes of temperature.


The largest area of any landscape is typically the driveway. Many people forget to include their driveways when landscaping. Perhaps your driveway is older or you simply have dirt for a driveway. Lay cement pavers to complete the driveway. You may lay the pavers directly over your existing driveway, as long as the driveway does not have any major cracks. Use two different colored pavers for the most curb appeal.


Surround your pool with cement pavers. Select lighter colored pavers, as this will ensure they do not build up as much heat. Decide the width of your pool surround and purchase your pavers accordingly. Create an extra space with your pavers to store your pool items, such as children's pool toys.


Assemble a patio anywhere on your lawn that you desire one. Cement pavers come in a variety of colors and sizes. Mix and match the cement pavers to create your patio. Perhaps you would like to have a smaller round area on your patio, and a larger border. Let your imagination guide you when deciding on the patio assembly. Include an area for your barbecue grill and seating.


If you don't have paths, but want some, create paths with cement pavers. For example, build a path from your house to an outbuilding, such as a shed. Leave about 1 inch of space between each paver when building your sidewalk. This gives a rustic, outdoorsy feel and look to your path.


Line your flowerbeds with cement landscaping pavers. When assembling the border of cement pavers around your flowerbed, leave about 1 inch in between each paver. This will provide you a space for lawn decorations, such as a glass jar filled with a small amount of sand and a small candle, on top of a paver and a small holiday decoration staked into the ground between each cement paver.

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