Plant Pot Crafts

Clay pot crafts are fun for both children and adults, making them great additions to family time or daycare activities. These types of crafts inspire many creative endeavors. There is a clay pot craft designed for each season and holiday, as well as many everyday crafting ideas. Many of these crafts can be created in daycare centers or schools easily and cheaply.

Decorative Clay Pots

Paint clay pots using a single bright color, or with pictures or other designs. Decorate them using sponges dipped in paints, or by covering them with scrapbook paper. Children can draw pictures on plain paper and cut the paper to the proper size to fit the pot. Glue the paper decoration beneath the lip of the pot and allow to dry.

Plant Pokes Picture Garden

Place moss or floral foam into a painted or paper-covered pot. Using photos, a flower-shaped cookie cutter and scissors, trace and cut out photographs of faces. Two flower shapes will be used for each plant. Cut leaf shapes out of green construction paper or scrapbook paper; paint skewers green and allow to dry. Glue the two photos, wrong sides together, over the top of a painted skewer. Glue the leaves a little below the photographs. Repeat the process until all plant skewers are completed and then allow to dry completely. Place the plant skewers into the pot, using as many as desired to create a flower arrangement in the pot.

Mosaic Pot Gift

Using a strong adhesive, attach pebbles, mosaic squares or rounded glass pieces to the outside of the pot. Allow the adhesive to harden completely. Plant a flower seedling in the pot before gifting.

Clay Pot Snowman

Winter decorations can be made using clay pots. To make a snowman, glue three small pots of graduating sizes together, the smallest on the top and the largest on the bottom. Allow to dry, then paint them white and allow to dry a second time. A pot slightly smaller than the top one should be painted black and allowed to dry before gluing it slightly off center to the top of the snowman. Paint eyes, a mouth and pipe, and three buttons onto the snowman using black paint and a small paintbrush. Paint an orange carrot nose onto the snowman's face. Once the snowman is again dry, add a small scarf and twig arms.

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