Deck Planter Ideas

Deck planter ideas vary from a secured planter to an unsecured planter. All deck planters need a coating of paint or stain to protect them from the elements. This will ensure longevity of your deck planter, and prevent it from rotting due to rain or snow. When deciding on a deck planter, take into consideration the amount of space available and the number of plants or flowers you have.

Wishing Well

Wishing well deck planters resemble a wooden wishing well constructed from wood. They adorn some of the most beautifully landscaped lawns, and sit next to or on decks. Wishing well deck planters can move about your lawn or deck because of their portability. You can purchase a ready-made wishing well deck planter or construct your own as a weekend project. Wishing well deck planters vary in size from small to large. Choose the size of the wishing well planter based on the size of your patio.

Built-In Planters

Built-in deck planters cannot move, and sit securely on your deck. The size and shape vary depending upon your preference. You can have a deck planter that's a perfect square or you may have rectangular built-in deck planters at the entrance of your deck. Paint or stain planters to match your deck, or paint or stain them in a complementary color to your deck for added impact.

Planter Box

Planter boxes are boxes constructed from wood that hold your plants or flowers, and secure to their location with screws. The size of planter boxes can vary. They may cover the entire length of a deck or simply hold two or three small plants.

Terra Cotta

Terra cotta pots sit on your deck, and hold any variety of plants or flowers you wish to plant in them. Take into consideration the size of the plant or flower when deciding to use a terra cotta pot. Purchase terra cotta planters at a garden center or hardware store. These come in a variety of sizes for your planting needs. Terra cotta pots are portable, as they do not secure to any item on your deck. You may line your deck with the pots or simply place a few around your deck strategically. Terra cotta pots need removal and proper storage during the winter.

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